Direct flights

Lošinj has never been closer to our guests and can be reached quickly by plane. Lošinj Hotels & Villas announces new scheduled flights in the period from 16.06. till 28.09.2019 Daily flights from Zagreb, Venice or Lugano to Lošinj at a price from 235 EUR (return ticket).

With this service we also offer transportation from the airport to the hotel or villa, and on departure transportation to the airport.

No matter when you choose to visit Lošinj, with your first step on the island, you will be able to inhale fragrances of more than 1000 aromatic and healing herbs and feel the energy of this very special place. When coming back home, you will feel reborn. Therefore, welcome to Lošinj – island of vitality.

Weekly timetable from 16.6.2019 to 28.9.2019

fromtodestinationsflt SLDdeparturearrivalflight time
1.7.201923.9.2019Lošinj - Venice70114:4515:400h55'
1.7.201923.9.2019Venice - Lošinj70217:2518:200h55'
18.6.201924.9.2019Lošinj - Zagreb10110:3011:200h50'
18.6.201924.9.2019Zagreb - Lošinj10213:3014:200h50'
19.6.201925.9.2019Lošinj - Lugano8019:0010:401h40'
19.6.201925.9.2019Lugano - Lošinj80215:4017:201h40'
No Flights
21.6.201927.9.2019Lošinj - Zagreb10110:3011:200h50'
21.6.201927.9.2019Zagreb - Lošinj10213:3014:200h50'
15.6.201928.9.2019Lošinj - Lugano8019:0010:401h40'
15.6.201928.9.2019Lugano - Lošinj80215:4017:201h40'
16.6.201922.9.2019Lošinj - Zagreb10110:3011:200h50'
16.6.201922.9.2019Zagreb - Lošinj10213:3014:200h50'

Airplane information:

  • AIRPLANE LET410 – UVP – E – operated by Silver Air
  • 17 seats

More information and reservations at:
+41 91 600 1754
+39 0565 971030

Download “.pdf” here.